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The Fragrance.

HarvestMoon fragrance encapsulates the gentle beauty of countryside landscapes, evoking the tranquil charm of hills and meadows, with a sense of boundless freedom.


The harmonious notes of Roman Chamomile, Cardamom and Nutmeg alongside the warm embrace of Ylang-Ylang transport the senses to the heart of rolling green countryside.

As the Chamomile unfurls, its delicate, sweet aroma awakens the senses, like the sight of wildflower fields beneath the soft embrace of the sun, where every breeze carries the whisper of sweet serenity.

Journeying deeper into this fragrant homage to the countryside, warm, aromatic spices create a landscape of decadent indulgence and seductive complexity, with the base of Ylang-Ylang embracing heady floral blooms.

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