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Ethical Charter

NatureMoon Values


We are a green beauty retailer and manufacturer- using natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Palm-free, sulphate and paraben-free. We are proud that our products are formulated using natural ingredients with synthetics used only when they are preferable to natural alternatives for ethical reasons.


Our products are all certified Vegan. NatureMoon does not use any animal ingredients or derivatives in any of our products. Our perfumes are all plant or vegetable-derived. We do not use beeswax in any of our products. We take care to source palm-free ingredients in order to protect the Orang-Utan population. Absolutely no animal testing is conducted at any phase of our product development.


NatureMoon does not test any ingredients on animals or purchase from any supplier that tests on animals. We only test on humans. We will not distribute our products to any country or region where animal testing is still commonplace. 



Environmental responsibility lies at the heart of our ethos. Every ingredient is meticulously sourced from responsible origins. Our commitment extends to sustainable manufacturing processes and eco-friendly packaging. This reflects our deep reverence for the planet's resources.

Ethical Charter... continued

Fair wages and conditions of work

NatureMoon commits to exceeding government minimum standards of staff wages and provides excellent conditions of work for all staff. 

Recycled Materials

We chose our packaging after extensive research about the best fit to keep our product fresh, alongside what has the minimum environmental impact. We ensure that we use recycled materials whenever they are available. We actively encourage customers to reuse our glass jars with bamboo lids as they make useful containers in the bathroom or kitchen.


Environmental Policy

We challenge ourselves about our use of the world's resources. We minimize our impact and we keep abreast of developing world situations. As an example, we changed one of our formulations when we discovered that Frankincense Essential Oil is becoming a scarce resource. We also challenge ourselves about concerns such as air transport, energy use, recycling rates, pollution and waste outputs. 

NATUREMOON also have a Zero Waste Charter- READ IT HERE

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